Leadership Change

There is a saying that people do not like Change; that they do not cope. I think this is a little like the Loch Ness Monster; a perpetual myth yet to be proven. Yes, there are people who claim to have seen the monster just like there are people who claim to not be responsive to change however I challenge you to take some time to reflect on this and to assist I will pose a process with a couple of questions: reflect on your 10 year old self and take a mental walk through your home; note what activities the family are currently engaged in and how they have invested the time during the day, identify what equipment and technology is being used to inform the family of events, what food is being prepared and how, and how have you received any of the communications of the day; do the same for each subsequent 10 years of your life. A quick comparison of your 10 year old environment and that of today is significantly different. The influence of consumerism, with food, technology, and lifestyle illustrates that we do adapt to change very well, if we don’t think it is too hard. That is the challenge, it is too hard because we repeat to ourselves that it is, rather than recognising that change is part of our everyday environment and that we actually embrace it. The actual difference is often about choice; when you have a choice to change you will adopt it willingly after varying degrees of consideration. Change is therefore essential to our very existence and that of our businesses. It is not that we are reluctant to change but the reluctance often stems from not knowing where to start the implementation process and more significantly the fear of failure associated with the change. Preparing a change process plan, no matter how basic, and including a communication frame work as well as a picture of successful change will make you feel more in control of the change. Being in control and knowing what to expect and how in the process will help mitigate the anxiety associated with the fear of failure.

Canadian Mary Pickford’s quotes possibly best sum up the most effective approach to change; “The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power’ therefore remember that “Failure is not falling down, it is not getting up again”, and given the dynamism of our world failure to change is failure to get up again.


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