Dr Brenda Jamnik’s experience encompasses working with leading national and international companies as well as government organisations to identify and achieve their future business needs.

She achieves this by facilitating, developing and implementing strategies to build and strengthen their human, systems and relationship capabilities and intellectual capital through cultural and behavioural change. As well as leadership and relationship development. This is achieved through providing strategic, unbiased and objective advisory services, and being accountable for multiple projects which assist organisations in improving productivity and overall performance. Brenda enjoys to work with projects and organisations to build capability, solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. ensuring that implementation success is a priority as soon as a project starts. Engaging at a deep level across the project or the clients’ businesses, working to build the capabilities and supporting, systems, and processes needed to deliver bottom-line results and to ensure that they are sustained. This work involves leadership capacity development, mediation, change and program management, and delivering enduring outcomes.

The diversity of Brenda’s assignments range from providing advice and recommendations on community initiatives as member of advisory councils to the Ministers for Business and Women; assessing the reason for global fragmentation and providing recommendations to the United Nations and being invited to speak nationally and internationally (Asia, Europe, Japan, America, South America) on Leadership and Leadership development. Some of her recent clients include; Water New South Wales, Sunshine Coast Airport, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Department of Transport & Main Roads, and a multitude of multi-million dollar construction projects including water treatment plant, dam, roads through to billion dollar rail projects [further referenced below. As a Leadership and Change specialist, Brenda also supports businesses to develop their skills and assists them in identifying and achieving their strategic goals. As a leader Brenda focuses on Fit for Purpose Solutions; some of her projects include;

Culture through Values

Facilitated the development of the values and behavioural frameworks for Water NSW to enable it to have an effective working context for the Client, Design and Environmental consultants investigating the possibility of building a water transfer tunnel from Burrawang to Avon, known as the ‘BAT. This resulted in an agreed understanding of expectations, and Leadership Behaviours, the Development KPI’s and an MCA (multi-criteria analysis) and a Framework for collaboration. Ongoing support through coaching leaders to raise their leadership capability and competency is being provided, including the provision of advice on processes, quality or organisational solutions and efficiency improvements.

Collaborative Leadership for Change

Collaborating with the CEO of Sunshine Coast Airport Brenda facilitated the processes and supported the implementation of the Vision 2020. Through this assignment she proactively delivered a range of services including coaching and advisory services, talent acquisition and talent management, and ongoing change management to facilitate and support the cultural and behavioural transition to privatisation. As a lead into the transfer of the Sunshine Coast Airport from a Council owned corporation to privatisation, and simultaneously working with the team as they prepared and gained approval for the EIS for the new runway; Brenda recognised it was essential to ensure the right people were in the right roles at the right time. Initially using the collaborative approach where people come first Brenda worked with the executive leadership team to create harmony and increase trust across the teams. This process required initial self-awareness in understanding own strengths, and how these connect with or may conflict with other team members. This allowed increased openness in communication and broke down silos. When there was established trust and openness across the team a new Vision and Charter were developed with a strategic focus on the future in relation to goals, values and leadership behaviours. This set the team up with a reference framework to withstand high levels of pressure during this tumultuous and gave them a guiding document as a stabiliser.

Evaluating Performance through KPI’s

NSW Government recommended that raising Warragamba Dam to create a flood mitigation zone is the best option to reduce the risks to life, property and community assets posed by floodwaters from the extensive Warragamba River catchment. Water NSW, as owner and operator of the dam is building a business case to inform the environmental assessment, concept design to assist decision-making in 2020 about whether to proceed with these major flood mitigation works. Brenda’s role was to develop the alignment and clarity of the purpose of the teams involved in the HECI (Hybrid Early Contractor Involvement). Develop the leadership behavioural descriptors, and evaluation framework, align it with the KPI framework and organisational values. Use this framework to observe high performance team an leadership behaviours, team power dynamics, and communication patterns over multiple workshops, where two competing construction forms were presenting Innovaton in anticipation of being the successful contractor in being awarded the contract and provide the comparative analysis of performance. 

Culture through a Democratic Approach

Working with the CEO of Master Electricians Australia, (MEA) Brenda conducted a national wide business analysis using an IDEAL© model to identify the future direction of the company. As a democratic approach the staff were engaged to provide input through interviews, leaders were profiled for strengths (Hogan) and an implementation strategy developed. As a result of this process MEA reengaged with its members, through driving purpose and rebuilt culture based on service orientation.

Building and Mentoring Entrepreneurship

PNG has amongst the highest percentage of domestic violence in the world. To assist in developing a long term future for the women of PNG, with thanks to AusAid, Brenda worked with 24 budding entrepreneurs to assist in developing their hobbies into businesses. Coaching the participants to build self awareness and self confidence, developing a business model through business planning and building the courage to take calculated risks, led them to developing support networks within the team and bonds with the participants of their provinces, resulting in multiple successful businesses. As a result of the program, the participants not only developed business skills, a business plan and a collaborative network to support each other post return to PNG, they went onto employ and empower more women.

Mind Set Change

Working with the Education Department of Vanuatu, Brenda led the participants through a Five Deep questioning process to enable them to understand the impact their student development was having on youth unemployment. Under Brenda’s guidance they came to the realisation that the system was set up to educate the students to pass exams and not to be set up for competencies to build the economy. The resultant mindset change led to a review and a change in the curriculum being offered in schools.

Structural Change for Commercialism

Formulated the framework and conducted the identification of the Future Capability needs within the Golden Casket government owned corporation; thus providing a strategic framework to ensure capability identification and procurement was strategically aligned to business continuity and preparation for the merger with Tattersalls. This included Project managing two restructures at Division and sub-division levels of the organisation, reviewing in relation to organisational current and future needs and concluding that the resources were not appropriately or effectively utilised in either section. Subsequent endorsement was gained for the implementation of restructures resulting in resource efficiencies and financial gains. Developed the strategies to build practical skills and implemented the framework enabling the building blocks of competence development to become an intrinsic component of the working environment.

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