Case Studies

Reading the success stories from our clients is an excellent way to understand the scope and depth of our services.

Rail Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Requiring a team transition, a rail infrastructure upgrade project, transferred and promoted team members into leadership roles and recruited new team members. With the requirement to increase rail haulage capacity to three times the current capacity, whilst the service continued to operate required a realignment of the structure, some systems, processes and the culture in order to produce the required outcomes.

The use of personality profiles and leadership style assessments enabled Brenda to design individual leadership and collective high performance team development strategies that built momentum enabling milestone achievement. Using a Charter displaying a highly visible common set of values and goals, and working predominately with the leadership team resulted in measured improved performance of between 6% and 21% of individual leaders over a six month period.

Advanced Water Treatment Plant

Requested to design and build major water treatment plant within a legislated timeframe; a specialist team was sourced across the globe from USA, India, Philippines, Canada and Australia. Motivated by the challenge of achieving dramatic results within a short time frame, Brenda worked with the Team to build a common purpose, project objectives and behavioural expectation statements. Assisting the teams to learn as they worked, the scope of the project tripled in size, however the coaching and support provided, enabled the team to achieve their milestone of pumping ‘first water’ on the legislated date.

The added challenges of limited land, a design that had never been tried before, and plant mechanical components placed in configurations that the manufacturers had not considered, coupled with a heated employment market contributing to skill shortages, ensured that the need for structured team building and coaching methodology was seamlessly integrated within the daily work environment.

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