About Brenda

Dr Brenda Jamnik’s experience encompasses working with leading national and international companies as well as government organisations to identify and achieve their future business needs.

Brenda achieves this by facilitating, developing and implementing strategies to build and strengthen their human, systems and relationship capabilities and intellectual capital through cultural and behavioural change. As well as leadership and relationship development. This is achieved through providing strategic, unbiased and objective advisory services, and being accountable for multiple projects which assist organisations in improving productivity and overall performance.

Brenda enjoys to work with projects and organisations to build capability, solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. ensuring that implementation success is a priority as soon as a project starts. Engaging at a deep level across the project or the clients’ businesses, working to build the capabilities and supporting, systems, and processes needed to deliver bottom-line results and to ensure that they are sustained. This work involves leadership capacity development, mediation, change and program management, and delivering enduring outcomes.

The diversity of Brenda’s assignments range from providing advice and recommendations on community initiatives as member of advisory councils to the Ministers for Business and Women; assessing the reason for global fragmentation and providing recommendations to the United Nations and being invited to speak nationally and internationally (Asia, Europe, Japan, America, South America) on Leadership and Leadership development. Some of her recent clients include; Youi Insurance, Mary Valley Rattler, Water New South Wales, Sunshine Coast Airport, Department of Transport & Main Roads, and a multitude of multi-million dollar construction projects including a water treatment plant, dams and roads through to billion dollar rail projects. As a Leadership and Change specialist, Brenda also supports businesses to develop their skills and assists them in identifying and achieving their strategic goals. As a leader Brenda focuses on Fit for Purpose Solutions.

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