Employees want to be told what to do, not what not to do

“HOW can I get through to them?” is a common question that I am asked, which is usually followed with a sentence starting with “I continually tell them not to…”. On the surface this seems fair enough – your employer tells you not to do it and therefore you should follow instructions. The challenge that […]

Not only from the Top

Last week I suggested that working within a business where you are undertaking activities that are meaningful to you and that you enjoy and where can see the impact of your actions is the first fundamental aspect of leadership. About 15 years ago I was working with a group of executives and they were making […]

Leadership Self-Awareness

Leadership is one of those topics a little like exercise; everybody is told it is essential in their lives but there is a plethora of information that keeps changing in relation to what is the right way to do it, how long should it be done for and is there a one size fits all […]

Leadership Collaboration

Having spoken last time about empowerment, and the importance of impact, meaning and self-determination, I will now focus on collaboration, one the other two elements of leadership effectiveness. The words such as business alliancing, partnering and joint ventures are familiar elements across businesses, but not often enough is the value of such action realised within […]

Is the power of positivity being overlooked?

POSITIVE business and organisational culture are words that seem to appear in many articles and books but seldom seem to align with expectations. During my exposure within organisations ranging from small operators to multi-national corporate, Aboriginal and not-for-profit, the conversations tend to focus more on the negative and what needs to be fixed rather than […]

Leadership Change

There is a saying that people do not like Change; that they do not cope. I think this is a little like the Loch Ness Monster; a perpetual myth yet to be proven. Yes, there are people who claim to have seen the monster just like there are people who claim to not be responsive […]

Leadership Adaptability

If you think that, as a leader, adaptability is just one of those fads of the moment then I will ask you to think of whether you would prefer to be a Kodak company or a 3M Company? Both highly recognised brands the former for photography the latter for what? Well just about anything to […]

Positive Deviance

As I write this article it comes to me that I might be writing what many people think is an oxymoron; a figure of speech that contrasts apparently contradictory elements. Many of us think of deviance in its usual form where we refer to behaviour particularly that of children as being deviant, and therefore not […]

Common Sense

Do you ever find yourself assessing another person’s words or observing their behaviour and questioning why they said or did what they did; and concluding that it was not appropriate because it was just common sense not to say or do it that way? Common sense is not actually that common. What we know as […]