Testimonials… this is what others think

Thanks to you I confidentiality identify my business as a Hospitality Business. You also advised not to spread myself to thinly in too many businesses streams and just focus on one thing which is what Sioni and I have done since 2017.
Tapioca Delight is thriving because we put all our focus and energy into one business and not too many things that distract from our core business.
Also you helped me identify our Mission: To bring delight into every home, office and community and our Vision: To be the jewel in hospitality.
Just taking a moment to express my gratitude for you dear Brenda! I’m sure all the ladies here would share the same sentiments on how you have helped them as well. Love us all!

Ginia Siais  November 2019

Brenda’s coaching has positively impacted my personal management style.

I found her perspectives objective and insightful, and her communication style was balanced with openness and professionalism. Brenda’s grounded experience has enabled me to develop mutually beneficial working relationships, think strategically, improve customer focus and deliver results.

Our work together has influenced both my personal and professional development in a constructive way, my self-awareness has grown and allowed me to become a much more effective team leader.

Ingrid Rivers, Senior Human Resource Advisor, Business Support Services, Major Infrastructure Projects

I have working with Brenda on a range of projects including the Gibson Island Alliance, Townsville Wastewater Upgrade Project and several tender submissions.

Whether it is pulling together a new team for a tender or providing individual and team performance monitoring and feedback, I have always been impressed with Brenda’s capacity to bring her personal touch to the task at hand. She combines her no nonsense plain speaking with empathy to encourage project teams to seek the best performance from themselves.

Andrew McGowan, Construction Manager

The Synergy Alliance is a Railway Signalling Alliance working in Queensland.

The Alliance has used the services of Organisational Change and Development to align both our Alliance Leadership Team and Alliance Manager on Alliancing culture and behaviour.

My personal interaction with Brenda has provided me with helpful input to my reports and insightful feedback from meetings. Brenda has the ability to focus your attention on not only the main topics of conversation but also on the subtleties that you may have missed.

Since Brenda has been working with our staff I have seen a noticeable improvement in the effectiveness of the as well as an improved clarity around the roles of both the members and the Alliance Manager. I look forward to continuing to work with Brenda and her organisation in the future.

Andrew Lamb, Acting Alliance Manager

Having had the pleasure of working with Brenda intermittently for over three years I would confirm her extraordinary skills in organisational development and change surpassed all my expectations in terms of value and tangible benefits to the working environment and high performing team development.

As Contract Manager of a team, the issues I have worked through with Brenda are numerous with unique complexities. Brenda brings a unique style and approach to her work that ensures her work is meaningful, (what the employer/team want to achieve), is consultative using appropriate coaching techniques, but also provides steering where and when needed, without necessarily providing clear direction. This flows into the dynamics of a team to enhance personal accountability, responsibility, with targeted timescales to achieve. Her subtle application of proven business efficiency models to the human element, adapted to the project team circumstances is an often unnoticed by the team themselves but benefits and positive effects are more than tangible.

I would describe Brenda as amicable, tenacious, and undaunted by challenge, highly ‘tuned-in’ perspective and focussed on the issue at hand. A gifted operator and an invaluable asset to any organisation looking to genuinely and continually improve efficiencies in its people and processes.

Tim Dewar, Contracts Manager

Bielby Hull Albem Joint Venture (BHA JV) have developed an excellent relationship with Brenda Jamnik of Organisational Change and Development on our major infrastructure project, Pacific Motorway Upgrade project (Section B).

We have found Brenda extremely professional and accommodating in her approach during all phases of the project, from the initial relationship workshop, assistance with monthly assessment and reporting of relationship health, one on one counselling of problematic staff, overseeing monthly progress meetings and in particular development of staff in chairing meetings, effective use of time and ensuring best for project outcomes.

Bruce Graham, Director

The coaching and mentoring Brenda has provided me over the last year has not only assisted me professionally but also personally.

Brenda coaches the whole person and does so in a way that optimises the best results for the person. It has given and enhanced my leadership and coaching skills as well as built my confidence and resilience. Thank you Brenda.

Jade Martin, Manager Finance

Brenda’s ability to build high performance teams while maintaining individual support and focus for leaders is admirable.

I was fortunate to benefit from her coaching while working on an aspect of a major $1.1billion rail project in northern Queensland. During this time the challenges for the individuals and teams were multifaceted and complex.

Through developing a strong charter with the guiding principles and providing individual and collective pragmatic support, Brenda was instrumental in ensuring that the project staff were outcome focused, maintained a positive outlook and a realistic and systematic approach to decision making.

Sharon Martin, Associate Business Director, Rail, Ports, Civil & Geotechnical

I was introduced to Brenda a couple of years ago and boy did she leave an impression. Apart from the flaming red hair she’s a no nonsense lady. She has the ability to cut straight to the point to obtain outcomes so if you’re easily offended, watch out!

Brenda is extremely able and professional, I enjoyed her individual style and certainly will be using her again. I’d be more than happy to take your call if you have any questions before engaging her.

Steve Gray, Senior Project Manager, Wastewater Upgrade Project

We utilised Brenda as the Alliance Coach for the management team. Brenda provided professional support and advice on how to best achieve the Alliance Charter and behaviours when managing high performance teams.

Brenda was instrumental in effectively introducing and then helping to implement techniques to empower direct reports and support interactions with senior management from all participant organisations. Brenda’s personal but highly professional approach was appreciated by the team members and resulted in Brenda becoming an integral part of the Alliance team.

Eddie Moala

I have had the pleasure of enjoying both a professional and personal relationship with Brenda Jamnik for the past 15 years.

My experiences confirm that she is a person of exceptional integrity and the highest professional standards. Brenda has a professional tenacity not regularly seen in our industry that always results in products and services that produce the highest rates of satisfaction.

This tenacity is also displayed in her constant and continuous professional development, which is well beyond that normally seen in our industry. Employing a business philosophy of selling a product or service whist buying a relationship with her client Brenda will go to extensive lengths to ensure that her understanding of her client’s needs cannot be faulted.

I have no hesitation in unreservedly recommending Brenda to any client that to whom she believe she can value add.

Mark Leahy, Director

I’ve worked with Brenda for a number of years and always found her to be someone who can tactfully work with a team and ensure that the real issues are brought out in to the open.

Brenda has an ability to connect with the wider team and that allows her to coach in a way that gets results.

Steve Davidson, Principal Engineer/Director

I have worked with Brenda over the past 18 months and have found the assistance she has provided to the project’s management team in developing and maintaining an effective working relationship to be extremely effective. She has also provided useful and practical advice on conflict resolution and has successfully coached my team members on improving their interpersonal skills. Her skills have contributed to development of a harmonious and effective project team.

Giles Lewer, Manager (Surveillance and Verification), Major Infrastructure Projects

I have known and worked with Brenda for nearly 3 years during which time she has provided guidance to the team delivering the Pacific Motorway Upgrade project from Springwood (south) to Daisy Hill in the monitoring and facilitation of healthy team relationships.

Brenda is very approachable and has a sound, practical, hands on approach to team development and relationship management. She has been highly effective is developing not only the wider project team but also individuals and small groups as specific problems arose during the project. Brenda has played a significant contribution to the success of this very challenging design and construct project with complex technical issues in a high speed motorway environment and I would not hesitate to recommend her to other projects in the future.

Graham Hobbs, Principal’s Representative Agent PMU

I have been using Brenda’s services for a number of years and have always found her to be professional, results focused and very understanding of the different situations that have arisen.

Brenda’s ability to understand the tasks/situation that is required by our business has had very positive effects on all that have had the benefit of attending her sessions.

Her ability to adapt/adjust to different personalities to gain not only the outcomes required but the trust and respect of the participants has been 100% successful to date. We will be continuing to use Brenda as well as recommending her to other businesses.

Rick McConnon, Manager (Capability & Business Systems), Business Support Services