IDEAL Program

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Dr Brenda Jamnik has utilised her 30 years of research and experience in leadership development to develop her 5 Step IDEAL Model which ensures any organisational change process has the RIGHT people in the RIGHT roles at the RIGHT time for organisational efficiency and effectiveness.







The five steps are:


Investigate how the business operates by reviewing their processes and procedures, observing who did what, how and why and interviewing the staff, asking them the purpose of their role and how they value add to the business.

Design an operating model to meet the organisation’s current and future needs.

Evaluate how the model and current staff serve internal organisational needs, stakeholders and clients by scenario planning and profiling the leadership strengths.

Align the staff and systems to meet the business needs and provide an accountability structure through KPI’s.

Leverage the realigned skills and systems to optimise market positioning and gain a competitive advantage.


This 12 month onsite program takes clients through these 5 steps and provides them with:

  • An organisational structure for future focused to achieve goals rather than being based on history
  • Positions aligned with the Purpose and underpinned by the structure
  • People with the right competencies and skills to lead the organisation
  • Systems that will support the people and people to support the systems
  • High Performing organisation that can achieve more with less.

If you want to implement the IDEAL Model into your organisation, please contact Brenda: