Brenda’s experience encompasses working with leading national and international companies as well as government organisations to identify and achieve their future business needs. She achieves this by facilitating, developing and implementing strategies to build and strengthen their human, systems and relationship capabilities and financial and intellectual capital through cultural and organisational change and relationship development.

FacilitationProject Facilitator

Some of the services that Brenda provides in the Project Facilitator role include:

  • Identifying key accountabilities and critical role interfaces and facilitating development of a plan for the required level of communication and collaboration
  • Conducting Safety surveys; aligning leadership development with safety targets, coaching the leaders and trend the changes
  • Conducting program analysis workshops and identifying opportunities for the program to be expedited
  • Identifying lessons learned through project progress and strategising the implementation
  • Mediating conflicts, and disputes to mitigate adversarial relations and minimise project impact

Relationship Facilitator

Some of the services that Brenda provides in the Relationship Facilitator role include:

  • Team diagnostic for established teams identifying barriers to high performance team targets; recommending and implementing solutions
  • Developing and agreeing on the Charter , Goals and behavioural guidelines; and facilitating the implementation
  • Facilitating and setting Project Objectives, and milestones
  • Monitoring team practices and implement strategies that build relations and facilitate high performance at both individual and team level
  • Providing personalised coaching and support to assist in problem solving, designing and implementing actionable solutions, building stress resilience and developing staff
  • Meeting observation and feedback – Observing and providing feedback to participants during project meetings to improve collaboration, innovation, problem solving, decision making and conflict management

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